Лютнистка. бумага, цв. офорт
Сон об Икаре. 2013. холст. масло. 80х100 см
Ноктюрн. 2013. холст, масло. 110х130 см

















Gennadiy Troshkov (1947-2018)

1947. Born in Vulkaneshty, Moldavia. 1969. Graduated from the Krasnodar Art College. 1975. Became a member of the Union of artists, Moscow. Lives in Moscow. Russia. Make a painting, sculpture and graphics.
Selected Exhibitions
1977. 1977. “The Youth of the Country.” Bulgaria, Romania, Finland. 1977. 1977. The 2 International Quadrangle of Small Form of Graphics. Banska Bystritsa. 1977. “Etching and Book”. Exhibition of nine artists. Moscow. 1977. 1977. “FIGURRE -2”. Leipzig. Germany. 1978. 1978. “Soviet Landscape”. Paris. French. 1979. 1979. 9th Biennale of Book Graphics. Brno. Czechoslovakia. 1980. 1980. Biennale of Small forms of Graphics. Lodz. Poland. 1981. 1981. 5-tn European Biennale of Engraving. Muluz. French. 1982. Exhibition of the New Works. Pushkin Museum of Fine Art. Moscow. 1983. Exhibition of the HIPO-Bank Collection. Salzburg. Austria. 1984. ART-EXPO. Chicago. USA. 1984. INTERGRAPHICS. Berlin. Germany. 1985. ART-EXPO. Montréal. Canada. 1987. Soviet Graphics in Norway. 1988. ART-EXPO Montreal. 1988. ART-EXPO, New York. 1988. “Art Sovietika”, Helsinki. Finland. 1988. “Labyrinth”, Moscow. 1989. International Exhibition of Drawings, Paris. Grand-Palais. 1989. “Ðiamex International” Modern Soviet Art, Moscow. 1989. “Labyrinth” Exhibition of Soviet Avantgarde, Hamburg. Amsterdam. 1997. MOSEXPO, Moscow. 2002. Exhibition of the Three Painters. Comers Bank “Eurasia”. Moscow. 2003. International Book Expo, Frankfurt, Germany. 2005. EXHIBITION of Moscow Graphics. Moscow. Russia. 2007. Gennadiy Troshkov and Hadji-Murad Alikhanov. PAINTIHG. SYSTEM-Gallery. Moscow. 2012. «POWER OF WATER» Moscow. Polytechnic museum. 2012. «Metaphysick». Moscow exhibition of painting and sculpture. 2013. “Borne to fly… end creep”. State Russian Museum. St. Petersburg
One man show
1985. GENNADY TROSHKOV. Paintings and graphics. Puschino. Russia. 1988. Exhibition of Paintings, Graphics, Sculpture, Tapestry. Moscow. Russia. 1989. Exhibition of Paintings, Graphics, Sculpture. HAGELSTAM gallery. Helsinki. Finland. 1994. ARTS of GENNADY TROSHKOV. M’ARS Gallery. Moscow. Russia. 1994. PAINTINGS and SCULPTURE. College ART GALLERY. Kishwaukee. USA. 1995. EXHIBITION of PAINTING, GRAPHICS and SCULPTURE. Central House of Painters. Moscow. 1996. PAINTINGS EXHIBITION. LUMINA gallery. New York. 2000. EXHIBITION of PAINTING, GRAPHICS and SCULPTURE. SERGEY POPOV Gallery. Berlin. Germany. 2006. Painting, graphics and sculpture. “RED BRIdGE” Gallery. Vologda. Russia. 2013. “Metaphysical Technologizm”. Exhibition of Painting, graphics, sculpture and tapestry. All Russian Decorative Applied And Folk Art.